The Phone Interview

18 02 2010

I had my phone interview this morning for Potential Job #1, and I have to say that I think it went pretty well.  Especially, considering that it was my first ever phone interview and I was extremely nervous heading into it.  They asked what seemed like pretty standard interview questions about my teaching experience, my research experience, what can bring to their department, how would I balance my time between teaching and research, etc.  I didn’t feel as though I stumbled over any particular question, and I thought my answers were very straightforward and to the point. 

Now that I have that one phone interview under my belt, I am ready to hear back from some of my other Potential Jobs (not that I don’t want PJ#1, because it would be a great opportunity and would take it in a heartbeat if it was offered to me).  So, for those of you on the job market….how is your search going? Are you starting to hear back from anyone? I would love to have some comments from anyone in the job market, but I would really love to hear from some chemistry people.




2 responses

24 02 2010

I’m not on the job market, got another year. It’s not pretty from what my fellow lab mates have to tell me. Very few job offers. No one is looking for an academic position. But even Post-Docs are hard to find right now.

24 02 2010

The job market really does suck right now! Good luck to you as you finish up!

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