I’m Back

26 03 2010

Well, I’m back! It has been a while since my last post, but it has been very busy around here. I’ve been in San Francisco at the National ACS Conference this past week, and unable to blog. The meeting was a lot of fun, and pretty educational, but I really missed my family and I am glad to be home.
Before that, I’ve been busy slaving away on my dissertation. It is coming along, but not at the speed I would like…of course that isn’t anyone’s fault but my own. Well, that isn’t entirely true. My boss has been keeping in the lab trying to make one final compound, but it just isn’t working! I’m going to have to tell the boss this week that I can’t do both anymore. I must focus solely on my dissertation if I’m going to finish it on time.
There seems to be some promising news on the job-front. It isn’t official, but I may be invited for an on-campus interview sometime in the very near future!! This is very exciting because it is at my #1 choice! This has been a long and difficult journey, but I pray that it will be over soon (culminating in an offer, obviously)! I’ll be sure to keep you all informed as it all unfolds.


When does “Life” Begin?

15 03 2010

No, this isn’t going to be a debate about when a human become a human.

My wife and I were talking yesterday about when we feel life really begins. We were talking about the time when you realize that you can’t keep pushing something off until your life gets more stable or until you reach goal X. My wife finished school a couple of years ago and then started her career, and at that time she sort of felt like her life really started. However, I am still in school, and I keep saying to myself that I can deal with that once I get out of school. I really feel as though my life hasn’t started yet…there is one small catch…I am 27 years old, married, and a small child! How can I say that my life hasn’t started yet when clearly it has and it well on its way! I just feel that since I am still in school, I can use that as an excuse, but as my wife pointed out…I really can’t anymore.

So, what are your thoughts?

Show Me the Money!

4 03 2010


There has been some great discussion over at FSP about professor salary.  I am still a lowly graduate student, so I don’t know much about a professor’s salary, but I have been looking into it (just in case the ever elusive offer comes my way!).  She really got me thinking about how much I should expect to make when I start my career.  I have heard people discuss the negotiating process, but I keep thinking…how much room do I really have to negotiate?  After all, if I get an offer this go around, I will be straight out of grad school.  I feel as though I won’t have much (if any) room for negotiation simply due to my lack of experience outside of grad school. 

Right now, we are a two income family, but if we have to move for my job we will go down to a one income family as my wife wants to stay home with our kid.  That is of course highly dependent upon my salary and the cost of living.  My wife is the bread-winner right now, and probably would continue to be even after I start my career…just the nature of working in academia.  Regardless of what my salary will be, if we go down to a one income family, it will be a pay cut because there is no way I am getting paid what our combined salary is right now as a starting assistant professor.  We will have to adjust, but hopefully it will not be too great of an adjustment. I’ll admit, I have become accustom to our current lifestyle, and would prefer for it not to diminish too much.  I guess we will just have to wait and see!

Life in The Slow Lane

2 03 2010


There are lots of slow things in my life right now; the decision making process by search committees, the writing of my dissertation, and my research. However, some things are going by at warp speed; time until my dissertation is due, my child growing up, and my life outside of academia. 

I knew that the search process in academia was slow, but I had no idea just how slow until I actually became the one waiting on the responses. I know that I may be a little (OK a lot) impatient, but it is just so nerve racking waiting to hear back from a university about the status of your application.  However, I can’t complain because I am about to have my 2nd phone interview, and I could potentially hear back from the 1st phone interview this week!