When does “Life” Begin?

15 03 2010

No, this isn’t going to be a debate about when a human become a human.

My wife and I were talking yesterday about when we feel life really begins. We were talking about the time when you realize that you can’t keep pushing something off until your life gets more stable or until you reach goal X. My wife finished school a couple of years ago and then started her career, and at that time she sort of felt like her life really started. However, I am still in school, and I keep saying to myself that I can deal with that once I get out of school. I really feel as though my life hasn’t started yet…there is one small catch…I am 27 years old, married, and a small child! How can I say that my life hasn’t started yet when clearly it has and it well on its way! I just feel that since I am still in school, I can use that as an excuse, but as my wife pointed out…I really can’t anymore.

So, what are your thoughts?




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