It is DONE!!!

29 04 2010

I have passed my defense! Now just to do some final corrections to the dissertation.

JB, Ph.D.



28 04 2010

Tomorrow is the BIG D! The next time I post I will have 3 little letters after my name…Ph.D. (Hopefully)!!!! See y’all on the flip-side!

The End is Nigh

25 04 2010

The past 5 years has had its share of ups and downs. There have been times when a year would pass in what seemed like a month, and then there were times when a month felt like a year. However, this semester has passed in what seems like a week! It has been insane! Between family, writing my dissertation, the job hunt, etc…life just hasn’t stopped. Alas it is all drawing nigh. My defense is this Thursday!!!! I can’t believe that this moment is finally here. Do I have time to savor it? Absolutely not! Between making final corrections on my dissertation for my boss, correcting format issue for the university, and finishing the presentation for my defense, I have no time to savor this amazing time. I guess that will have to wait until Thursday night!

Well, it looks as though I may have a choice between two jobs when it is all said and done. I am going to be offered the position with the university at which I recently interviewed (although they are waiting on university officials to send back the offer before they can officially offer me the position). I have also been informed that I am the top candidate for another position that I have an interview for during the 1st week of May (in other words, I should expect an offer unless I screw it up big-time)! While I was hoping that this would be an easy choice (i.e. I would only get one offer), it may ending being a decision that comes down to one or two deciding factors. If it does come down to that, I’ll be sure to post my pros and cons list so that you all can help me make up my mind!

Ok, now that my break is over…back to work!

The Interview

18 04 2010

This past Thursday and Friday, I had my first ever on-campus interview! It was an awesome experience. I honestly have to say that I was very pleased with the entire process and I absolutely fell in love with the department, the university, and the city.

They flew me down Thursday afternoon, and took me out to dinner with two of the faculty members from the department. They then dropped me off at the hotel for the night. I then proceeded to open up my laptop and go over my presentation for the next day…only to realize that my screen got busted during my trip!! Enter “FREAK OUT MODE!” Obviously, I had my presentation on my jump drive, but still how was I to go over my presentation?! Luckily, the hotel had a business center with up-to-date computers, so I was saved…although my laptop is still busted.

The next morning I was picked up at the hotel by the chair of the department and taken out to breakfast with him and another faculty member. Breakfast was very laid back and a nice way to start the morning. We then traveled to the campus and I got a quick tour of the department’s building before beginning the faculty rotations. each faculty member was extremely nice and very happy to be in their current position. After meeting with a couple of the faculty members, it was time for my presentation. This was an interview for a lecturer position, so the only presentation that I gave was a teaching lecture. It was a very nerve racking time, but I ended up doing fairly well and everyone seemed pleased. After my presentation, one of the student groups sponsored lunch and I ate lunch with the students so that they could ask me any questions.

I then continued my faculty rotations, and mixed in there was a trip to Human Resources, a more detailed tour of the department’s building, and a tour around the campus. As the day was drawing to a close, I kept getting a stronger and stronger positive vibe from the whole department. I was then taken back to the airport and left on my way back home.

Despite this being my very first on-campus interview, it has to be my best professional experiences to date! I can’t get over how genuinely happy everyone seemed. Not only were they all happy, but they all got along with one another. Not once did anyone talk negatively about anyone else or say anything negative about the department. I know that they were probably asked to be on their best behavior, but you would still expect one or two to not fully cooperate. I am still gushing over the great feeling that I received from this department.

Oh, and while on the campus tour with the chair of the search committee he unofficially said that the position was mine for the taking!! This is absolutely an amazing feeling!!! To know that I have somewhere to go in the Fall, and not having that feeling of dread and doubt. I am still waiting on the official offer which he said should come either tomorrow of Tuesday. I am also waiting on one more interview at another university before I make my final decision.

Now, back to reality…


5 04 2010

Things are still in a holding pattern with the job situation as of right now. I’ve been told that I am going to receive and invitation for an on campus interview at my #1 choice, but it has to be approved by some upper-level administrators at the university and that is holding up my official invitation. I’ve had a couple more phone interviews, and I’ve had a couple of more rejections filter through. One of the phone interviews that I had was extremely short. There were two interviewers and they asked a total of 3, yes three, canned interview questions and that was it. They weren’t even the types of questions where I could really expound on my answers…oh well.

The next phone interview that I’ve had recently is a job that really interests me, but it also worries me at the same time. First off, it is a VERY small college and a VERY small department (they currently only have 1 full-time faculty member). So, with it being so small, in my first semester there (this Fall) I would be teaching Organic I (with lab), General Chem I (with lab), and Environmental Chem (with lab). The first two aren’t an issue, but I’ve never even taken an Environmental Chem class much less taught one. I’ve been browsing some syllabi that are online for various Environmental Chem course, and it really seems like gen chem with an environmental twist, which I guess isn’t too bad. I really like this job for the opportunity that it offers me in expanding my knowledge through teaching, but I am worried that I would be a little overwhelmed with it being my first semester of teaching full time EVER!

Well, all of this talk about jobs is useless unless I finish my dissertation…back to work!