Life After the Defense

3 05 2010

My life seems completely different, now, than it was just last week. It feels like a huge burden has been lifted off of my shoulders, and I can breath again. In reality, my dissertation is due to the university today, but unfortunately mine will not be turned in today. Our dissertations have to go through and extensive format review process that can take up to 8 weeks! Due to various circumstances, I was unable to obtain full format approval from the university before the deadline, but thankfully our university has contingency plans in place. Since I had the body of my dissertation complete and I have successfully defended it, I have been granted a “walk extension.” This means that I will get to fully participate in graduation, walk across the stage and get hooded, and receive my blank piece of paper. However, I will not get my official diploma until my dissertation is accepted by the university. I have until July 31 to complete this task, and my diploma will still say May 2010! I will receive and “I” on my transcript until it is turned in, but then it will be changed and the university will provide me with written documentation to provide any potential employers. You all should have seen me Friday running around trying to figure out what I was going to do since I didn’t get final approval in time, and then when I discovered this process I let out the biggest sigh of relief…ever! In theory, I don’t have too much more work to do on it, so hopefully I can knock it out ASAP and be done with it completely.

In related news, my official interview (that I have known was coming for over a month) has finally been approved, and I should get the details today. It will be this Wednesday and Thursday! I am very excited to go and see if I will be a good fit for this place, and to meet the faculty in person. I’ve learned that you can NOT tell a lot about people from their faculty pictures on the school’s website. The good thing is that my talk is a research talk, so I will just give a shortened version of my defense presentation…that makes it a lot less nerve racking for me! I’ll be sure to let you all now how this one turns out!

JB, Ph.D.




One response

6 05 2010

Congratulations!!! I totally get the ahhhhhh, and ufffff feeling. That’s awesome. I’m walking almost a year after my defense, and I was NOT going to miss it because I worked hard as heck to have it done. Enjoy and good luck with your interview(s).

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