No Hard Feelings

25 05 2010

As I’ve posted on here previously, my job search came down between two schools. They each had their pros and cons, and I ended up picking the job with more pros. However, I feel terrible for turning down the other job. When I had to call them to tell them that I wasn’t going to accept their offer, I had this horrible knot in my stomach and I felt terrible for having to do it. I guess the fact that they were my first interview and I really liked the people made it much more difficult that I thought it would/should be.

I felt bad for dragging our my decision for the length of time that I did, but it was necessary on my end in order to make a completely informed and responsible decision. In the end, I feel as though I made the right choice, but I can’t help but feel badly for the school that I turned down. It appears that any applicants other than myself had already accepted other positions or were no longer interested for whatever reason because the ad for the position is back in circulation. I truthfully hope they find the perfect person, and whomever they hire is going to be very fortunate. The department that they have in place at this institution is great and all of the faculty appear to genuinely get along…which I have discovered is rather rare. The pay that they offered me is quite good considering the type of position, a lecturer. It was even on par with some higher level positions at other institutions.

That was almost a month ago, and I still feel badly about it. All I can do now is move on and focus on the current task at hand…moving! It is going to be a whirlwind month before my new job officially starts on July 1! A new chapter of my life…FINALLY!




2 responses

25 05 2010
GMP (GeekMommyProf)

Congrats on your new position!
It’s a crazy ride ahead, you will love it. 🙂
Don’t worry about the offer you turned down, that’s life. I turned down my first offer too (once upon a time); they were also my first interview, I loved them too, but I loved my current place more; felt bad about turning them down too…
In hindsight, I made a very good decision.

So upward and onward! 🙂

27 05 2010

Sounds like you made the right choice! Congrats!

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