A Blur

5 06 2010

Things are moving so quickly right now that everything is just a blur. This past Friday was my graduation ceremony where I got to walk across the big stage and get hooded! It was very exciting, but something I probably won’t remember in great detail just because I was in my own little world trying to soak it all in…I really forgot to pay much attention to it overall. We are moving to our new home in just a couple of weeks, and we have so much to do around here before we leave. Luckily, I am not working any longer so I get to stay home and babysit everyday until my wife’s last day at her job. We still have so much to pack, but it will get done.

My new job already e-mailed me a bunch of forms that new faculty members need to fill out. So I was able to fill those out and send them back in before I even start my job! I hope this means less administrative stuff to do when I first get to campus so that I can just focus on settling in and getting to know my colleagues. During my free time the past few days, I have starting review some of the material that I will be teaching in the Fall. I am very excited about this opportunity, and I can’t wait to get started!