Spring Break and Pi

14 03 2011

Ahhh, Spring Break is finally here! Oh wait, I don’t really get a spring break. It is nice to not have the students around the building, but most (those that didn’t take vacation) of the faculty are still around hanging out in our offices doing some “work.” It will be a most enjoyable week.

I was making my daily rounds to various blogs, and came across the post from Gerty-Z that got me to thinking about my experiences during my interviews. I posted this in the comments:

I am a male, and was on the academic job market last year. I had two on-site interviews, and during both I was asked about my family situation. It didn’t bother me to answer because my wife is not a scientist and would have no problem finding a job in any city in her line of work. At the job I ending up taking (at a private institution), they actually invited my family to come to the interview with me. It was within driving distance, so it wouldn’t really cost them anything extra. They did this because family is very important to our university and college. They wanted to make sure my spouse found the city and amenities to her liking as well.

We actually just had another candidate come up and interview for a position last week. She has a family, and her husband actually came up here with her to the interview. He is a non-scientist as well, so he was mainly coming to check out the area and see what job opportunities he would have.

That being said, I came into the interview expecting to be asked this question, because every blog I read said they would ask (legal or not). I’ve always wondered how they get away with this when it is clearly illegal. Now, if someone puts the information out there for the world to see in there cover letter, that is their problem.

So, what are your thoughts on this issue?

Happy Pi Day everyone!!




One response

14 03 2011

I really think this puts women at a disadvantage. If it comes up, it should happen once an offer has been made and the person wants to see if things would work for the family.

I know that some places are trying to be helpful…but man, it would make me horribly uncomfortable.

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