Faculty Loads

23 03 2011

So today, I filled out my faculty load sheet for this academic year. My chair said that ideally he wants my load to be about 35-40% teaching, 10% service, and 50-55% research/scholarship. With this being my first year teaching, this was mainly a formality to see where I stand and what I have to look forward to in the future. It was all on an excel spreadsheet, so I just had to plug in my numbers and it calculated the percentages for me based on the total number of hours in the school year. It appears as though I only taught/prepared for teaching 21% of the time!
Now, those of us who knows what it takes to prepare for a lecture…that number is ridiculously LOW! Even my chair said that in actuality it is probably somewhere around 45-50%, especially since these were all new preps. Regardless, he said these numbers don’t really mean anything to him or our dean, they are just something at which the people on the university level can look, and to see where we need to adjust our faculty loads for next semester to bring our numbers in-line with our goal.
During my little talk this morning we also talked about my course load for the Fall and how we can boost my teaching hours. It looks like I will having a few more lectures as well as Co-Coordinating one of the courses in which I will be teaching (co-coordinating gets you an extra boost in the way that the hours are counted). Needless to say, it looks like next year is going to get a little more intense, but I am ready. What type of faculty load to you all carry?
We also talked about my professional development (i.e. going to meetings for FREE)! This is a HUGE perk of my job, and I love it! The college will generally send us to one professional meeting a year, and maybe one or two more depending on whether or not you are presenting anything at that meeting. So far we have several meetings lined up for me to go over the next several years; ACS, ICAAC, AAPS, and PITTCON.
Needless to say, things are starting to get exciting around here!

Stay tuned for more big news coming soon…




2 responses

24 03 2011

So how many contact hours are you teaching?

24 03 2011

I had 33 contact hours this academic year.

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