Helping Students

14 04 2011

I love helping my students. However, I can’t for the life of me understand why so many students wait until the night before/day of an exam to START studying and come ask me questions. I received and e-mail last night at 10:30 asking for clarification on one of my slides…I ignored it and slept like a baby. It is so nice being on the other side!
My office has already been bombarded by a handful of students this morning, and I am sure it will pick up as the exam draws near. Luckily, one of their former professors, who moved elsewhere at the semester break, came back to give a few guest lectures for this exam. So the students are stressed out about her part more than mine (even though my material makes up about 45% of the exam with the rest being shared between 3 faculty members).
The students can smell the end of the semester and they are starting to get antsy…especially the 3rd year students, as this is their last semester of academic coursework. I am starting to get antsy as well because I only have 3 more lectures!!




One response

26 12 2011
Dr. 27

Gahhh! Even as a student I hated that. I was one of those who profs got to know well IN the classroom and via good grades in exams (nerd, anyone?) and I don’t think I waited until the very last minute (unless the prof was a creep, in which case there was no way I was stepping in that office). I did leave a couple of things until the last minute, and it was mostly stuff that I became unsure of at the last minute. I’d spent the entire week studying and 5 minutes before I had doubt about what phospholipids were (ever experienced the same? or is is just me?).

Anyway, I admire you setting up boundaries. The moment the students smell fear, or too much reachability from the instructor/prof, that moment they become targets and victims of careless students. Good for you!

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