Job Security

15 04 2011

The one year anniversary of my employment at my current position is just on the horizon (July 1). I am anxious to see what my new contract will look like. Will it be a one year or two year contract? Will there be a cost of living increase? These are just a couple of the questions to which I am excited to find the answer. We have a departmental faculty meeting today, so I may just ask when the new contracts will be coming out.
Would that be too forward to ask? I see no reason why I should get a new contract. No one has seem displeased with me so far. The students seem to really like me. They have spent a lot of money on starting up my lab.
Does anyone else get nervous when it is time for new contracts to come out?




One response

26 12 2011
Dr. 27

Oh boy was I scared when that time rolled in. I remember that I waited until the last possible second to ask, and when I did the boss said, sure, why not. It was at the end of my second year there, when I wasn’t so excited and when I wanted out that he noticed it, and his demeanour also changed, and he was not as excited about extending my stay (nor was I). I’m glad you got a good raise and a new year! Hope things go great.

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