It’s been a while…

1 01 2012

This blogging thing did not work out like I had hoped last year. I kept getting discouraged because I felt like no one was reading it (even though I kept telling myself that this is more for me and if people read it that is just an added bonus). I then realized that more than likely no one was reading it because I posted so in frequently.

So, I have decided to start 2012 off on the right foot with this blog…a new post on the 1st day of the new year! I regularly check my blogroll (although it needs updated) and I decided to start posting again after reading Dr. 27’s recent posts about resolutions. While I am not big on making personal resolutions, I do like to make science/career resolutions. Unfortunately, I don’t have time right now to make a list, but you can expect a post either later tonight or tomorrow with my resolutions for the year! Thanks for the idea, Dr. 27!




3 responses

1 01 2012
Dr. 27

Oh how wonderful! Thanks for the shout-out! Don’t worry about the frequency of your posts too much. Life and work get in the way of posting sometimes. I’ve had a few days off, which is why I’m posting more frequently, but as soon as next week I can expect to have a crazy schedule again. Blog as much or as little as you can, you will slowly but surely build readership, and little by little the frequency of your posts will go up. Happy New Year!!

2 01 2012

Someone is always reading. Sometimes it scares me when I find out who has been reading my blogs.

13 01 2012

It is scary thought to think who might actually be reading this blog.

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