New Contract

2 05 2012


The students are finishing up their exams tomorrow, and then graduation is Saturday. The following months will be complete bliss around our hallowed halls. My semester ended on a very high note. I was checking my campus mail one day last week, and I noticed everyone’s box had a big envelope with the big red stamp of “CONFIDENTIAL” on the front. Our new contracts had arrived. Having only completed 2 years of service, I still wasn’t completely sure as to what to expect upon opening up the envelope. I was very happy to see that I was awarded a two-year contract! Not only that, but I gotta very nice 4% pay increase! I honestly cannot say enough about how much I love my job. It is the perfect job for me in every way. It is in the perfect location. It has the perfect balance between teaching and research (for me). I have great colleagues and great bosses. I really plan on staying here as long as they keep me around.

I am really looking forward to my summer. I get to really get going on my research. I get to set up my lab just the way that I like it. I am finding it rather odd starting up my own lab. I miss being in an environment where everything is already setup and running. All of the little things I use on a daily basis, that I took for granted during my PhD, I am discovering are not around when I need them. I overlooked them when doing my initial ordering. So now I have to go back and order all of these little things, but it will be great once everything is just how I like it. I can’t wait! Now back to planning out some syntheses!


How do people do it?

1 02 2012

MULTITASKING! I suck at it! I truly envy people who have the ability to multitask.  I have tried and tried to no avail.  It seems that the harder I try to multitask, they more I focus on one task.  I desperately need to learn to multitask because it really stinks only being able to focus on one task at a time.

I try to multitask while working on powerpoint slides for future lectures, but I end up getting all consumed with making the slide perfect.  “Did I add too much information?” “Is that enough information?” “Can I draw that figure better myself?” The questions go on and on in my mind.

I try to divide my time so that I can get many things done within a day, but I just can’t seem to make it work.  I end up working on one thing for the vast majority of a day.  I will admit that part of that is my fault because I get very easily distracted on the internet.

Anyone have any ideas on how to beat this?

One more year

2 05 2011

My new contract arrived in my campus mailbox today! It is so exciting being able to sign it, turn it in, and know that I have a job for another year. It was only a one year contract, and as I found out today that is to be expected because we are a new college (within the university) and haven’t become fully accredited yet (not until June 2012). After we become accredited, we will then be eligible for longer contract terms. There was positive news in my contract…I received a 3.5% raise (or cost-of-living increase, however you want to look at it)!

Does anyone else have exciting stories to tell about their new contract?

Getting Ready…sort of

13 01 2011

Classes start next Thursday. My first lecture is on the 27th. I still haven’t completed an entire lecture!

I am the world’s worst (or best, however you look at it) procrastinator. I promised myself that I wasn’t going to be like this this semester, but alas, here I am. I don’t understand why I can’t just sit down and work on a lecture without taking a break every 10-15 minutes. That might not be a huge deal if my breaks were only a minute or two, but no….I decide to get up and stretch my legs and end up talking to a colleague for 30 minutes. I decide to take a quick peek around the Internet…one site leads to another and before I know it I’ve been on the web for 30 minutes! It is maddening!
To make matters worse, this is a brand new prep for a course that hasn’t been taught here yet so I don’t have any notes from previous semesters to use as a guide. I know that I will get it done before my lecture, but I wanted this semester to be different. I wanted to get a couple of weeks ahead of my lectures so that I had more time to prepare for the actual giving of the lecture and to make any adjustments needed. Maybe the quiet building is too distracting. I think I need the students around to make some noise in the hallways!

On a completely different note, drop on over to SS4BC and check out what she has been going through. I couldn’t believe it when I read it. Leave her a note of encouragement in her comments.

Pretty Boring

15 12 2010

Well, I know that I haven’t posted nearly as much as I had hoped I would. Truth be told, it is not for lack of time, but rather because I have absolutely nothing blog worthy! Don’t get me wrong, I really love my job. I truly feel that it is the perfect job for me, and I couldn’t be happier doing it. I just haven’t had any funny, crazy, memorable, bad, horrible, or entertaining tidbits happen since I’ve been here. I only had a handful of lectures this semester and none of the students stormed out in revolt or asked outlandish questions. Also, none of my research equipment is in place yet, so I haven’t even had a chance to get in the lab.

This is finals week, and most of my material was at the beginning of the semester so I only had a handful of questions on the final exams this week. All-in-all this has been a pretty easy semester for me. Next semester seems to be shaping up to be a different story. It looks like I may end up being solely responsible for teaching the content of my PhD field side of a course for our 3rd year students! It will be big adjustment from having just a handful of lectures this semester to being solely responsible for the content of my side of the an entire course. The beauty of it though is that the way the course is laid out, I will only be teaching on average once a week. Some weeks it will be twice, but there are some stretches where I won’t teach for a couple of weeks! I really am loving this team taught course method.

Well, that was my semester in a nut shell. I hope that everyone is enjoying their semester coming to a close…it it hasn’t already!

No Hard Feelings

25 05 2010

As I’ve posted on here previously, my job search came down between two schools. They each had their pros and cons, and I ended up picking the job with more pros. However, I feel terrible for turning down the other job. When I had to call them to tell them that I wasn’t going to accept their offer, I had this horrible knot in my stomach and I felt terrible for having to do it. I guess the fact that they were my first interview and I really liked the people made it much more difficult that I thought it would/should be.

I felt bad for dragging our my decision for the length of time that I did, but it was necessary on my end in order to make a completely informed and responsible decision. In the end, I feel as though I made the right choice, but I can’t help but feel badly for the school that I turned down. It appears that any applicants other than myself had already accepted other positions or were no longer interested for whatever reason because the ad for the position is back in circulation. I truthfully hope they find the perfect person, and whomever they hire is going to be very fortunate. The department that they have in place at this institution is great and all of the faculty appear to genuinely get along…which I have discovered is rather rare. The pay that they offered me is quite good considering the type of position, a lecturer. It was even on par with some higher level positions at other institutions.

That was almost a month ago, and I still feel badly about it. All I can do now is move on and focus on the current task at hand…moving! It is going to be a whirlwind month before my new job officially starts on July 1! A new chapter of my life…FINALLY!

The End is Nigh

25 04 2010

The past 5 years has had its share of ups and downs. There have been times when a year would pass in what seemed like a month, and then there were times when a month felt like a year. However, this semester has passed in what seems like a week! It has been insane! Between family, writing my dissertation, the job hunt, etc…life just hasn’t stopped. Alas it is all drawing nigh. My defense is this Thursday!!!! I can’t believe that this moment is finally here. Do I have time to savor it? Absolutely not! Between making final corrections on my dissertation for my boss, correcting format issue for the university, and finishing the presentation for my defense, I have no time to savor this amazing time. I guess that will have to wait until Thursday night!

Well, it looks as though I may have a choice between two jobs when it is all said and done. I am going to be offered the position with the university at which I recently interviewed (although they are waiting on university officials to send back the offer before they can officially offer me the position). I have also been informed that I am the top candidate for another position that I have an interview for during the 1st week of May (in other words, I should expect an offer unless I screw it up big-time)! While I was hoping that this would be an easy choice (i.e. I would only get one offer), it may ending being a decision that comes down to one or two deciding factors. If it does come down to that, I’ll be sure to post my pros and cons list so that you all can help me make up my mind!

Ok, now that my break is over…back to work!