The Phone Interview

18 02 2010

I had my phone interview this morning for Potential Job #1, and I have to say that I think it went pretty well.  Especially, considering that it was my first ever phone interview and I was extremely nervous heading into it.  They asked what seemed like pretty standard interview questions about my teaching experience, my research experience, what can bring to their department, how would I balance my time between teaching and research, etc.  I didn’t feel as though I stumbled over any particular question, and I thought my answers were very straightforward and to the point. 

Now that I have that one phone interview under my belt, I am ready to hear back from some of my other Potential Jobs (not that I don’t want PJ#1, because it would be a great opportunity and would take it in a heartbeat if it was offered to me).  So, for those of you on the job market….how is your search going? Are you starting to hear back from anyone? I would love to have some comments from anyone in the job market, but I would really love to hear from some chemistry people.