The Journey Begins

17 02 2010

So….I and my whole family have been very sick the past few days.  I was unable to meet with my boss during that time, so who knows what he still has to say about my work. I will probably be meeting with him sometime today. 

However, I received a very interesting e-mail the other day.  As I have stated in my profile and in my first post, I am on the job market. I have around 25 CVs out at various institutions around the country…well mostly in the South/East portions of the country. I have heard back from a few that just straight up said thanks, but no thanks. However, I received my first positive response the other day! I have my first phone interview coming up!!  I realize that this is just the first round of the interview process at most universities, but I am very encouraged by this opportunity. Mainly because I didn’t think that I had a chance at this position, but I applied anyway.  I’m glad that I did now!   I am hoping that the replies will start coming in more regularly now (no matter if they are good or bad).  Now I just have to wait for the phone to ring!