New Contract

2 05 2012


The students are finishing up their exams tomorrow, and then graduation is Saturday. The following months will be complete bliss around our hallowed halls. My semester ended on a very high note. I was checking my campus mail one day last week, and I noticed everyone’s box had a big envelope with the big red stamp of “CONFIDENTIAL” on the front. Our new contracts had arrived. Having only completed 2 years of service, I still wasn’t completely sure as to what to expect upon opening up the envelope. I was very happy to see that I was awarded a two-year contract! Not only that, but I gotta very nice 4% pay increase! I honestly cannot say enough about how much I love my job. It is the perfect job for me in every way. It is in the perfect location. It has the perfect balance between teaching and research (for me). I have great colleagues and great bosses. I really plan on staying here as long as they keep me around.

I am really looking forward to my summer. I get to really get going on my research. I get to set up my lab just the way that I like it. I am finding it rather odd starting up my own lab. I miss being in an environment where everything is already setup and running. All of the little things I use on a daily basis, that I took for granted during my PhD, I am discovering are not around when I need them. I overlooked them when doing my initial ordering. So now I have to go back and order all of these little things, but it will be great once everything is just how I like it. I can’t wait! Now back to planning out some syntheses!


Show Me the Money!

4 03 2010


There has been some great discussion over at FSP about professor salary.  I am still a lowly graduate student, so I don’t know much about a professor’s salary, but I have been looking into it (just in case the ever elusive offer comes my way!).  She really got me thinking about how much I should expect to make when I start my career.  I have heard people discuss the negotiating process, but I keep thinking…how much room do I really have to negotiate?  After all, if I get an offer this go around, I will be straight out of grad school.  I feel as though I won’t have much (if any) room for negotiation simply due to my lack of experience outside of grad school. 

Right now, we are a two income family, but if we have to move for my job we will go down to a one income family as my wife wants to stay home with our kid.  That is of course highly dependent upon my salary and the cost of living.  My wife is the bread-winner right now, and probably would continue to be even after I start my career…just the nature of working in academia.  Regardless of what my salary will be, if we go down to a one income family, it will be a pay cut because there is no way I am getting paid what our combined salary is right now as a starting assistant professor.  We will have to adjust, but hopefully it will not be too great of an adjustment. I’ll admit, I have become accustom to our current lifestyle, and would prefer for it not to diminish too much.  I guess we will just have to wait and see!