5 04 2010

Things are still in a holding pattern with the job situation as of right now. I’ve been told that I am going to receive and invitation for an on campus interview at my #1 choice, but it has to be approved by some upper-level administrators at the university and that is holding up my official invitation. I’ve had a couple more phone interviews, and I’ve had a couple of more rejections filter through. One of the phone interviews that I had was extremely short. There were two interviewers and they asked a total of 3, yes three, canned interview questions and that was it. They weren’t even the types of questions where I could really expound on my answers…oh well.

The next phone interview that I’ve had recently is a job that really interests me, but it also worries me at the same time. First off, it is a VERY small college and a VERY small department (they currently only have 1 full-time faculty member). So, with it being so small, in my first semester there (this Fall) I would be teaching Organic I (with lab), General Chem I (with lab), and Environmental Chem (with lab). The first two aren’t an issue, but I’ve never even taken an Environmental Chem class much less taught one. I’ve been browsing some syllabi that are online for various Environmental Chem course, and it really seems like gen chem with an environmental twist, which I guess isn’t too bad. I really like this job for the opportunity that it offers me in expanding my knowledge through teaching, but I am worried that I would be a little overwhelmed with it being my first semester of teaching full time EVER!

Well, all of this talk about jobs is useless unless I finish my dissertation…back to work!