New Contract

2 05 2012


The students are finishing up their exams tomorrow, and then graduation is Saturday. The following months will be complete bliss around our hallowed halls. My semester ended on a very high note. I was checking my campus mail one day last week, and I noticed everyone’s box had a big envelope with the big red stamp of “CONFIDENTIAL” on the front. Our new contracts had arrived. Having only completed 2 years of service, I still wasn’t completely sure as to what to expect upon opening up the envelope. I was very happy to see that I was awarded a two-year contract! Not only that, but I gotta very nice 4% pay increase! I honestly cannot say enough about how much I love my job. It is the perfect job for me in every way. It is in the perfect location. It has the perfect balance between teaching and research (for me). I have great colleagues and great bosses. I really plan on staying here as long as they keep me around.

I am really looking forward to my summer. I get to really get going on my research. I get to set up my lab just the way that I like it. I am finding it rather odd starting up my own lab. I miss being in an environment where everything is already setup and running. All of the little things I use on a daily basis, that I took for granted during my PhD, I am discovering are not around when I need them. I overlooked them when doing my initial ordering. So now I have to go back and order all of these little things, but it will be great once everything is just how I like it. I can’t wait! Now back to planning out some syntheses!